Custom-made springs

The springs are made of high-quality dedicated steel grades by hot coiling according to the latest technologies and under control of power characteristics. After production, all springs are subject to anticorrosion treatment (polymeric coating is applied). Currently we are ready to offer production of the following types of custom-made car suspension springs:

  • cylindrical,
  • conical,
  • barrel-shaped,
  • with closed end turns and unclosed end turns,
  • with varying coiling pitch of calibrated rod with its diameter from 8,0 to 22,0 mm.

Our production is equipped with high-technology equipment that is analogous to that one used by the companies supplying suspension springs to the leading European automobile concerns. Springs of the front and the rear suspension made by us are in the maximum line with the original springs by all technical features. After production, all springs go through a stiffness test (stand-tested). To order spring production, contact our specialists per phone numbers given in the website letterhead, send a request to our e-mail. Download form of request. You can also use a feedback form on the page Contact us.

 Features of springs with varying coiling pitch

Springs with varying coiling pitch are springs with progressive characteristics. Like springs with linear characteristics they go through the following production stages:

  • treatment of the steel rod to reach the required diameter,
  • temperature heating and coiling of the rod to spring,
  • tempering of the workpiece,
  • surface treatment and polymeric coating application to ensure protection against corrosion.
However, unlike the springs with constant pitch springs with varying pitch have increased stiffness. This effect is achieved by alternation of sections with different distance between the coils (differentiated coil pitch). Under the impact of load the coils with less pitch gradually terminate deformation, whereas the coils with increased pitch continue to compress. In the most part of the modern models of foreign brands of cars exactly this type of springs is used. It facilitates better maneuverability and stability of the car on the roadway. The springs with varying pitch allow decreasing the ground clearance, which increases the driving comfort at high speed.