Question - answer

  1. What are reinforced springs? What is their difference from standard springs?

Usually springs with increased characteristics of strength are called “reinforced”. It is possible to reach the increase of these characteristics by various methods (for example: increasing the rod’s diameter section).

  1. What do you need for custom-made spring production?

Your wish and Order of spring production.

  1. I have a spring, which has two marks of blue color and one mark of white color (combinations may vary). What does it mean?

This is the producer’s marking and it is developed to simplify the further spring identification. There is no unified marking system, i.e., every producer develops its own system.

  1. What are progressive springs?

Most often springs with varying pitch are called like this.

  1. Why do they apply the varying pitch to springs?

To ensure spring’s non-linear stiffness.

  1. Can you make sports springs?


  1. Can I buy one spring, as I have the other one?

Yes, it is possible. But you will lose guarantee and the price of one spring is 70% of the price for a pair (spring replacement by recommendations of all producers shall be made in pairs).

  1. I installed gas equipment (a cylinder of 30 l) and the rear springs are weak. Is it possible to make the springs stiffer (higher, thicker)?

Yes, it is possible. Contact the company’s specialists, tell them in details about your issue and share your wishes. They must offer you options for solution and help in their implementation.

  1. I want to transform my standard car into a sports car (deep tuning, and not just a purchase of “large wheels and sports suspension”). Can you help me to make springs?

We will do it with pleasure, providing that you know exactly what you want. Contact our specialist to discuss details.

  1. How can I define the spring stiffness?

Go to link – Spring calculation

  1.   Where can I buy (order) springs?

Contact our employee per one of the phone numbers and depending on your location you will be offered different options of purchase.

  1. Do you provide guarantee for your springs?

The warranty life of springs is 2 years.

  1. What kind of steel do you use to make springs?

Making springs we use specially treated spring steels of the following grades: 60С2Г and 60С2А.

  1. Do you make only custom-made springs or you have springs in stock?

We have always over 400 kinds of springs in stock.

  1. What are the terms of production of custom-made springs?

The maximum term of production is 10 days.

  1.   In what way are the springs protected against rust?

The springs are protected against rust using polymeric coating.